Saturday, 27 May 2017

There will be a surprise!

There will be a surprise when you get home,
the note in the lunchbox said.
A smile curved my lips.
Wait till you see your surprise!
my cellphone pinged.
A delighted laugh escaped me.
Read the email’s subject.
Anticipation grew.
My smile widened.
He remembered, dear heart. 
For once he remembered, 
our anniversary.
Drive home.
Mind spinning.
Flowers? Jewellery? Intimacy?
A vacation?
A romantic trip?
What did he plan?
What could it be?
Then, finally, I see,
the huge banner
hanging from the roof of
Our home:
I grinned,
Stepped across the threshold,
The house was empty.
Everything gone.
Everything but the lonely banner,
Snapping in the wind.

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