Wednesday, 18 January 2017

I've discovered my spirituality.

Getting my diagnosis for my illnesses, speaking out about them, publishing my highs and lows on Facebook has not been as hard as admitting this: I've discovered my spirituality.

Tarot, Guides, Messengers, Third Eye, Intuition, Meditation, numerologie, connections, crystals, psychics, readings, books, boards, angels. Name it; I'm into it.

I've always believed in spirituality but it all changed for me when I met a particularly good psychic last June. Her words to me were life altering.

Since her, I've had two tarot readings done which confirmed for me what the psychic had said. For many reasons, I won't say what they told me. For one, it's personal. For two, it involves other people. And three, I'm not here to convince you intuition and everything that comes with it exists. I'm simply to tell you that, once again, my life has taken a different path. A path of light, of love, of clairvoyance.

A month back, I followed a friend into a bookstore for a gift. He took one lane down, I took another. There was no reason for me to take another; I wasn't searching for anything, didn't want to spend money. But off he went and there I stayed. Stalled. Turned. Found a wide variety of tarot decks. Chose one. A pretty one. My Guides led me to the cards but my intuition was letting me pick.

That night, I pulled out the deck and gave two readings. I had no idea what I was doing. I'd never done this in my life, never even considered it. But my readings were extremely accurate on both accounts. Both with my friend who had touched the cards, and with my friend who hadn't and whose reading I did via a crappy phone line.

Ever since then . . . my eyes are open. All three of them. And I believe. I trust. I have faith in the above and all who surround me.

But all this has been hard for me to speak about, except for a select few people I've confided in. If I thought mental illnesses are taboo, it's NOTHING compared to talks of the mystical.

And so no, I haven't grown a second head (although that'd be practical). I am enlightened and I plan on continuing on this interesting, intriguing and eye-opening path.

Until next time, dear readers,


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