If you don't know who Jared Padalecki is, you've been living under a rock (unless you prefer calling him Sam Winchester?).

Jared has battled depression for so long that he created the #alwayskeepfighting campain to speak out about illnesses. His best friend Jensen Ackles is also very present, as well as the rest of the Supernatural family.

I haven't -yet- bought any of the merchandise they've been selling but I have gotten their slogan tattooed on my forearm as a constant reminder of where I've been and where I'm headed.

I also have the sentence Shake it Off on my wrist, as well as a semi-colon. I want to eventually tie them all together with a design involving an arrow and a mountain. I just haven't quite figured out how or what yet.

Happy readings folks and remember to #alwayskeepfighting


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