Monday, 22 August 2016

Starting anew.

This blog, much like my life, took a left turn somewhere where previously there'd only been right turns. Since my last blog post, I was diagnosed wih Generalised Anxiety disorder, social anxiety, mild OCD and depression.

For me, the first three weren't that big of a deal; I'd dealt with them most of my life. But depression is another matter. It's cruel, heartless; debilitating. When in its deepest throes, I could barely get up in the morning. My kids ate a lot of leftovers and cereals. I screamed a lot. Cried even more. And although thoughts of suicide never entered my mind, I understood with perfect clarity why some people ended their lives in the name of depression. I understood and forgave.

The last week of September will mark one year of being on antidepressants. One year of speaking up about mental illnesses. One year of doing my part in destroying the stigma.
Although I've heard - through the grapevine - that some Facebook friends are putt off by the amount of illness information I post, I've also had so many people come to me. For help. For advice. To thank me for sharing. To encourage me to keep posting.

I've grown this past year. I went beyond my anxiety-imposed limits. Broke out of my (many) comfort zones. Cultivated friendships who have helped me through thick and thin. They are friends I reach out to in times of crisis, as they to reach out to me when needed.

And so this blog has become the logical next step in my development. I will share my thoughts, my evolution and my growth with you, amongst other things. I had considered simply deleting this blog and starting anew but this blog holds chunk of my former self and if I'm inspired to go back and read who I was VS who I am now, maybe it will help someone out there as well.

Happy readings, Folks, talk with you soon.


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