Sunday, 4 January 2015

Nano WIN . . . Nano friends.

A couple years back, I participated in Nano, which stands for National November Writing Month. One month to write 50 000 words.

I was game.

But then I became pregnant with my 2nd child and got really sick so didn't write more than 2 000 words, which was a great start.

This year, I was up for the challenge. But was it ever a challenge! Here in Quebec, we dealt with daylight savings time on the very first weekend, which meant my kids were waking up before the birds. Which meant that my writing time (slated to begin before the birds as well) got shot down. By the time naptime arrived, I was dead to the world. This went on for over a week. Then my kids got sick on the second week.

Anywho, you get the gist of it.

My total word count at the end of the month was almost 15 000 words. And I am SO proud of myself. Because I persisted. Because I discovered things about my writing style I hadn't known about. Because I made new 'friends', and a new writing clique.

So I consider this a WIN.

And on the subject of friends. Our Quebec liaison created a FB page for those who live in Quebec. What an awesome idea! How great to have people to speak with that you could actually meet up with also! Do write-ins! Bounce back ideas with! People who are actually in my time zone!

(I have many writing friends. Sadly, most of them don't live in Canada, never mind in Quebec, and even less in the same time zone.)

I'm getting to know these people and it's been as much a WIN for me, as WINNING Nano. I am very thankful for them, very grateful to have known them.

Can't wait for our camping trip in July!!

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