Sunday, 4 January 2015

Christmas magic.

Christmas used to be beautiful and magical to me.

And then I grew up. And thought, "Wow. Who cares anymore?" Christmas has gotten to be SO commercial and I resent that.
Of course, spending time with the family was always a plus side to Xmas - we were *Making* time for what was important.

Then . ..  I had kids. And this Xmas they were old enough to understand its magic. As we entered November and as the snow began to fall. As the Xmas music started and the lights went up, I felt my childlike wonder and excitement mount, ready to burst.

I remembered my favourite tradition of putting up the tree with my father and siblings as we sang to the instrumental bell he always turned on. I actually found myself a similar bell, because, well, that's where my fondest memories were.

I don't know who was more excited for the tree to be put up, and for Santa Claus to visit, but I do know who enjoyed it all the most (ME!)

Now I'm excited for next year to arrive, next Christmas Time to start all the beautiful traditions I want to begin with my babies.

And I have a WHOLE year to discover new ones, too! Booyah!

Tanya, out!

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