Monday, 2 June 2014


I started working almost three months ago. It takes me 20 minutes to get there and then another 20 to get back. I'm bored with the radio, and fed up of listening to the same cd's over and over again.

So I decided to get an audiobook on my smartphone and I listen to that now. It's Innocence, by Dean Koontz. An author whose books I almost all own. Or used to. The last I bought was the last I bought. Haha. I got so discouraged at how similar almost every single one of his stories were so I stopped reading him and went on to discover new authors.

That being said, I am really enjoying this book. But what I'm enjoying more is the audio aspect of it. I come from a very bilingual (French/English) background and I've always gone to French school. Which means that there's a lot of English I find myself wondering how it's pronounced, how to sound it out. Sometimes, I Google the word and click on the sound icon and repeat after the robotic voice. But the audiobook allows me to hear the word in a sentence, in context, how a person actually says it. Then I say the word, repeat it, sound it out slowly to make it familiar on my tongue.

And I'm absolutely having the time of my life with this.

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