Monday, 5 May 2014

Where's your focus?

My mom recently sent me a blog by Gail Vaz-Oxlade titled Where's your focus?. Gail's a finance Guru and she says,

"One of the things I sometimes suggest to people who are saving for a big buy, like new furniture or a family vacation, is to cut out a picture of the object of your desire. Paste it on a piece of poster board. Then draw a thermometer beside the picture and label it in $50 increments. So if your new couch were going to cost $3000, you would have a thermometer with 60 markers. When you stick your first $50 in your Furniture Savings Account, you can colour up the thermometer to the first $50 level. Save another $100 and you can colour up two more segments. As you keep colouring up the thermometer you can see your progress. You’re focused on the small steps forward, not intimidated by the larger goal."
I LOVE that. Because, really, we can apply it to any goal we set. I've decided to do this with my writing, my works in progress. On a smaller scale, of course, because the thermometer would be humougous.

I just thought I'd share this gem of an idea.

Talk to you soon!!


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