Saturday, 20 October 2012

I used to be prolific.

I used to have 3-4 Word documents open at the same time. I was always on a writing roll. Whenever I was stumped for one story, I'd jump to the next. It worked for me: I was always writing something.

Now? Not so much. I got pregnant, bought a house and dealt with everything that entails. I felt guilty, not writing, but whenever I sat down, I would look around the appartment and realise I still have more packing or unpacking to do. So, I didn't write.

Then I gave birth and any thought of writing flew out the window. Well, not so true. I would rock him at night, and sentences or scenes would enter my mind. I play around with the thought, the words and I'd get excited at the prospect of these ideas. Then, I'd lay my baby down to sleep... Thought forgotten.

Now? I have time to write. But try as I might, nothing's coming out. I wrote scenes, or memories and that was fine. But the stories just aren't working. I have several ideas of characters and such but the plots aren't coming together. And I have no idea how to work them.

I need to throw ideas back and forth with someone, but I don't have anyone. I did with Sam, my boyfriend, last weekend. Then I ran to get a notepad, started outlining... Then got stumped on a question and my baby woke up from his nap. I've been trying to figure out the plot to two stories... And I just can't.

And not writing is starting to kill me. I miss it. So, so much.


  1. "I need to throw ideas back and forth with someone, but I don't have anyone." Uh... what? *Raises hand* Hi?

    I'm sorry you've been having so much trouble, hon. I absolutely believe that you'll figure it out when the time is right.

    1. Kills! LOL I meant someone live. Like, in my face. And your picture is pretty and all... But you aren't *here*
      Besides, you're always so busy with your writing and all, and I don't want to disturb your *flow*.
      I love you.

  2. *waves chewed and ink-stained hand like a maniac* HELLO.

    We could do it in a gDoc or something? It would be fun! I recently had a writing meeting at my uni, and it was the best thing that's happened there during the whole course. Just talking made stuff so much clearer, and it was really helpful.

    Don't worry about it not coming all at once! You might need to ease back into writing. It's like exercising (like I know what exercising is like, lol); it's very hard to get back into it when you haven't done it for ages.

  3. Astolat! (I totally have to check the spelling of that everytime. I so don't know what to call you anymore, friend. Friend works <3)
    .. What's a gDoc? And whatever works, I would do it. But.. Aren't you sort busy with university and. . . you know . .. letter writing? <3

    1. I am All Things Comrade. ^_^

      A gDoc is a Google doc; I'm not entirely sure how they work, but when they do, it's like Writer Feed Pad on YWS. You open a document online and selected people can add stuff to it. Or Skype, if that would be easier?

      Uni is more boring and spirit-crushing than busy, and it would honestly be beneficial for me as well--half my degree is creative writing, and I find discussing other people's work helps mine as well. So it would be all-round awegreat! (And your letter will be finished soon. Unless I get eaten by something vicious before I get to the post office.)

    2. Skype?! You have skype and have not mentioned this to me?
      For shame! SHAME!
      I forgive you. Cause, well, I guess I haven't brought it up myself, lately.
      We're even, yes?
      Bathe yourself in holy water before leaving for the post office. You should be safe from *most* vicious beasties.


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