Thursday, 23 August 2012

On writing scenes/memories.

I recently wrote a post about writing scenes and I've been working those scenes into my 'busy lifestyle'. (Read: too tired lately to give a care about anything much).

The writing has been little things: my first time on a motorcycle (FREAKED OUT!), or a fat pigeon on a wire, just as lightning flashed overhead.

Then, memories started resurfacing, memories of a time when I was much younger... And much more naive. The crushes I had, the 'men' I'd loved and would have died for (at the time, I was VERY naive).

I thought, "Why not write those memories down? They would make great scenes and I would remember what it felt like to be young, naive, stupid. Basically, a teenager.

I was transformed while writing. I remembered lights dimmed, the flash of a scene from a movie, his smell, his grin, the look in his eyes. The challenge in those dark eyes. I remember the pictures on the wall, how one of the frames was always crooked, the couch smelled of perfume and a little bit of sweat. It was well used,  many butts had sat on those cushions.

And then it hit me that I'd never written a more 'real' scene, it's never been so detailed, so true sounding. I could imagine everything perfectly because I'd been there, I'd seen those pictures, had sat on that couch.

And although I've always suspected this about my writing, I've never acknowledged it: I don't picture my story well enough. I see my characters, but I don't become them. Don't see or feel what they do and it shows in my writing. There's always something missing.

I have to correct this. I'm one step closer just by realising the problem but I'm not sure how to fix it. Any suggestions?

Tanya :)


  1. I think your well on your way to correcting it! I could FEEL you as you wrote this post at 6:01 A.M.!!! I miss reading your work and can't wait until you finish that first novel and have it polished and published. I'm behind you. ;)
    Melissa Starr

    1. awww, thank you! I know I can count on you, thanks for your support <3

  2. Totally agree with Melissa! I miss your writing! I still say you should give that 3 superheroes story a chance, as soon as you get inspiration. You should start by writing down an old memorie of yours, in detail as you just did with the picture frames and couch. Once you're done writing the scene, look it over and try to see what you could change to it to make it fit to your story/idea for a story.

    You could be surprised by how seeing a fugly dude staring at a girl in q coffee shop may inspire you; transforming him into a psycho zombie who's staring at his next meal. Same thing, only it's been tweaked :)

    1. Baby girl, I've started the first chapter of that.. But got stuck on stupid details and got frustrated, which is when Sam suggested I write scenes instead.

      Speaking of which: GREAT idea, oh zombie Goddess. I LOVE YOU.

  3. Rhian/Skins/Youknowtheone23 August 2012 at 15:50

    I won't even try to express how much I miss reading your writing. x3

    But anyways, as for your writing struggles, the best thing you can do is relax. I know it sounds stupid and it's an awful lot harder than it sounds, but trust me on this. As you write, don't get bogged down by overthinking details, realism and what not. Just go with it.

    What you'll find is that by not really thinking about anything, the situations, characters e.t.c. will become natural and realistic because you're creating them all with your subconscious. Your subconscious takes things from your memories and experiences, so by 'going with it' and relying more on your subconscious, things naturally become more realistic, and thus more powerful when written down.

    That made no sense whatsoever, but still. I tried.

    1. God, I've missed you. You have no idea how much. Seriously.
      And that simple advice is sooo good. Liam's starting daycare next week and I'll be able to sit and relax and write. God, I can't wait.
      Thanks for helping me out <3

  4. Can't wait to read more from the new and improved Tanya!! I know you can do it!


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