Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Writing scenes.

Lately, I approched my friend Kelsey Sutton with a question: "How does one outline?"

Her answer: "One figures out and writes down the major lines in one's story to have an idea where one's going."

Me: "How can I know: the story isn't written yet."

Her: "Ah ha! Outlining is not for you, young Padawan."

Or something to that effect.

She told me, "Tanya, you've written four novels, four (!) and you've never outlined before, why are you struggling to do so now, if it obviously doesn't come naturally?"

And she had a point, of course. I blame not writing on not knowing where to go. My fiancé had the same reaction Kelsey did. What bother with knowing where you're going now, when you don't know your story or characters yet? Another good point.

He told me the other day that he didn't understand why I was trying to force a whole story out of my head, in the limited time I had to write. Why not write a scene to a story instead? Look at the rasberry bushes outside, write about them. Make them beautiful, make them sinister, make them both and see what you come up with. Maybe it'll find its way into a story, maybe not, but at least you'll  be writing!

God, I love that man.

And then, to top it all off, I received the latest issue of Writer's Digest, and the guest author was saying that instead of challenging yourself to a word count per day, why not a scene? A complete scene, with beginning, middle and end, which will give you a few good pages of written material, instead of you stretching your talents to write words you don't necessarily need or mean to fufill a word count.


Now everything I look at is a potential scene. I'm so excited about this, more than I have been about my writing in a very long time.

Also, I'm editing a short story to enter in Writer's Digest short story contest and I'm very excited about it! I'll keep you updated!

Tanya :D


  1. VERY good advice from WD. It's actually what I did today.

    P.S. Love that I'm in a blog post! :P

  2. Keep that man. Keep him secret, keep him safe.

    And that's really good advice! I've been trying (failing) to do so many words a day, but a scene is much better. Stopping halfway through a scene cause I met my word count often makes for disjointedness.

    I must look into Writer's Digest. Is it very helpful?

    1. Seriously, I love it! And you can get a subscription online, which is amazing.

      This magazine is my bible, is my inspiration, and always seems to know what I need to hear. Look it up, definitely!

      And did you notice? I can reply now!! <3


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