Wednesday, 16 May 2012

On reading

Like many people before me, I've read tons of books and searched endless web pages to find the perfect formula to writing a book. The one that will tell me "Take A, add B, and you will have C." Voilà! The book is written and I'm a writer.

Oh. Yes. At one time, I was impossibly naive. I realise the error of my ways. But I still like reading those help books, because I get inspired, which is always a good thing.

Two weeks ago, my sister and I went shopping in a HUGE bookstore. Now, this might not seem that impressive, unless you keep in mind that I live in Quebec, and everything in my area is French. So I got used to ordering online, because no English books could be found. And then... We found it. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I was so giddy, dancing around, laughing. Reading backs of books, trying to decide whether I really needed this book right now. (Turns out, I really needed a lot of them).

I don't know how much time I spent in Teen Fiction but I had an amazing time. And I got emotional and choked up as I looked at those books on the shelves. One day, my name will be seen amongst those other popular names. I shouldn't discourage myself, and just take everything one step at a time.

Start slow, not expect too much out of myself at first. Congratulate myself for every step (possibly offer myself a reward of chocolate.... Just sayin')

Going back to the writing help books, the advice that came back more often was to read. To write, you must read and read some more. I've always known this, of course. But applying it is something different altogether. When I got pregnant last year in March, I stopped reading and writing. Don't ask me why, I just couldn't give a flying leap. Never in my life would I have thought it possible to lose interest in reading. Not me, no way. But I did. And I despaired, afraid I would never get back into the writing world, the reading one as well.

But.. that was before my trip to the bookstore. I'VE BEEN READING! I'm reading the Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong and I've finished two books in two days! I'm so giddy! I've actually written a few sentences too, AMAZING!

So, basically, that was it. I wanted to share my happiness with you, and of course I had to take the long way around, instead of just saying: "Hello world. I'm reading and writing again!"

Until next time, keep reading!


  1. Love you Tanya! And you will be BIG some day!! I've read some of your work, remember, and even in the rough, it was a diamond. Keep working. You inspire me more than you know!!!!! Glad to hear you're writing again!!! Lol. <3

  2. *Wipes tear* Beautiful post, Tiger.

  3. Glad you're back at reading! it means you'll have more books to share with me in the future ;) Yay lol

    Where is that cool english bookstore??

  4. So glad you're reading and writing again! :D I lost interest in reading some months ago. It was terrible. But there's nothing like a wonderful bookstore to inspire reading, and nothing like chocolate to inspire writing. Well, chocolate is a multi-tasker, it can inspire anything. Chocolate is the best invention ever. And toilet paper. And lightbulbs. But chocolate is more fun.

  5. Melissa: Thank you! That is absolutely what I needed to hear <3

    Kills: awww <3<3<3

    David: Chapters indigo in Laval. I'd LOVE to go back there. Anyday. You know, if you're ready to drop money on books I can borrow :P

    Twit: Chocolate. And Ryan Gosling, of course <3


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