Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Status Updates.

I used to get annoyed when people would change their statuses (facebook) several times a day, updating us on every single detail about their lives.

Then I gave birth. And now I understand. Well, partly. I stilll don't want to know what you ate for lunch, or about the old woman who smiled at you as you took your daily walk. I don't care if your dog ate your homework or if your boyfriend (once again) bailed out on you. I mean, hearing it once is fine.  Daily? Not so much.

The pride and love I feel in my son is almost too much to bear and I feel like I must share it with the world. That is when I update my status. How could I not? He's freaking perfect, shouldn't the world be allowed to share such perfection ? (No, I'm not biased at all.)

Aside from the fact that my baby is the most perfect human being ever created, I'm doing great :D
We've finally established a routine and we're doing a great job. Sam's been back to work for three weeks now and it's going a lot better than I thought it would. Kudos to us!

On another completely different note (yes, I CAN speak of other stuff), I miss writing. I've been keeping a notepad close and I'm constantly opening up my Word, but I can't seem to find anything to write about. Maybe it's from lack of inspiration. I mean, I've been home for three months now, I'm bound to be bored out of my skull with nothing to stimulate me.

At night, while I'm walking around, trying to put the baby back to sleep, sentences will drift into my mind. Great beginnings to a new story, or a wonderful sentence spoken by a character. But by the time I put him in his bassinette, the sentence is forgotten and I lie awake trying to remember.


How's your writing going? Any tips on helping me with lack of inspiration?


  1. Music helps. Taking a shower. Watching a really sad movie. Or going out, finding a bench, and people watching.

  2. Writing anything should help so I'm just glad you're starting with the blog again Tanya! ;)

  3. I love seeing all your baby status updates, even if a lot of them are in French. XD


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