Monday, 5 September 2011

Doing what must be done.

It's Labor day and there's a Criminal Minds marathon on television. Now, for those who watch it, I'm warning you this may contain spoilers.

I've only seen episodes on and off for a couple of years now, but since moving into our home, we got satelite tv and I'm able to catch more of CM. It's a drug: I flip channels constantly, hoping to catch a glimpse of these people. Their lives. Their profiles. The killers. I don't know why: I'm not usually into such dark, raw shows, but there it is. I blame the hormones.

Anywho, I've been slowly catching up to the series, seeing where the profilers have been, where they're heading in their professional and personal lives. And the one we know the most about is Hotchner, and his wife.

Hotch is dedicated, professional, strict and loyal to a fault. The first show I saw this morning was Hotch at home, waiting for a transfer to go through. He gets phone calls from his team members because they need his help. And his wife also expects him to be with her, emotionally and physically.

Ultimately, Hotch packs his bags and leaves, declaring it will be the last case and then he'll be home. Hayley doesn't believe him. Can you blame her? Everything she loved about the man, his dedication and passion and loyalty is what's drawing him away from her; drawing him to his work.

When Hotch comes back at the end of the case, he tells his team members he needs to talk to Hayley ... who is nowhere to be found. She's left him.

It's sad that she left, of course it is. But I can only admire Hotch for doing what he felt was right. For being invested in his work 150% - it's who he is.

And it makes me wonder: what sacrifices would you do for something you love so much?

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  1. Hmmm. I've never thought about this. Great question! I would have to say that there isn't much I wouldn't do for someone or something I love. Well, I'd stay away from anything bloody or downright gross, so there's that.


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