Monday, 1 August 2011

King Kong

I absolutely adore this movie. The recent one, that is.

It ties into the first blog post I wrote about characters I love. Jack Driscoll aka Adrien Brody is brilliant in this. He is a writer, the quiet type who does what he loves. But for the love of a woman, he changes, becomes a little more heroic. He is alive to me in ways every day people are not. He's willing to risk everything for love. And isn't that what every woman wants?

What I love the most, is that he's a skinny little man, really nothing much to look at, so you wouldn't expect him to be heroic, in this day and age where brawn is everything.

How about you guys? What kind of character, such as Jack Driscoll, do you love? And do you think it's really only the actor playing him that could have brought him alive?



  1. I love the characters in Holes (I love Holes in general. XD) And I think they did a really good job casting in that...

    For characters in general, I tend to like the cool, sarcastic, aloof characters. Especially the girls who act like that. I have a character or two with that kind of personality (although one is deep down a massive nerd. XD)

  2. Yeah, Silent, I like those two. Since sarcasm seems to be my third language (sometimes my first), I tend to prefer those characters too.

    But once in a while...I get a Jack Driscoll.....<3

  3. Hmm, I like the characters I'm not expected to like. Sometimes, I don't particularly care for the MC, but the sideline characters keep me reading a series. *cough* Like City of Fallen Angels. *cough*


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