Sunday, 14 August 2011

Hey! I'm actually talented.

I'm part of the Young Writers Society, a site for your authors trying to make their way. I've learned so much from them. How to write. What to include, what to leave out. How to show, not tell.

The idea of this site is to review other people's works, constructively, and you may post your work as well, and expect to have it reviewed. You need to be willing to take criticism  . . . but that's also a lesson of life, is it not?

I've posted my whole novel online, my WIP (work in progress), chapter by chapter. And now I'm editing it. One of the users came up to me and said she was up to chapter 14 of it, and that so far she was enjoying it. I decided to go see what chapter 14 is: and I actually got hooked on my own story.

It seems I was reading it with fresh eyes, and I was liking what I could see. I clicked onto the next chapter, and the next, until I had to get off.

And I realised this: I'm talented! I actually like what I read.

So why do I feel like I'm failing myself at writing? Part of it is due to being stuck in my WIP, not knowing where to go. Part of it, I think, is complete discouragement because I haven't been writing.

I make excuses for myself: I'm pregnant, and tired. I've been busy and working. The back of my mind keeps yelling you, "That's complete bullsh*t and you know it!"  . .  and I do know it. One of my friends? She's constantly working on one project or another: she has four kids, complete household to take care of. But she makes time for writing, because that's what's to her.
Another one of my friends also has an idea, a story on the go. She has many good stories started, and now she's working on meeting a publisher's requirements. She loves what she does, and she gives it everything she has: her very heart and soul. Plus, she works full time and owns a house.

I have to wonder what's up with my excuses, then. Why do I make them? Why not just sit down and write?


  1. Don't you love it when you forget your genius until you go back and read something you wrote a long time ago? XD

    Think about that when you start to get discouraged with your current WIP. "You know what? I may feel like this sucks now, and maybe it does, but when I look back in a couple months I know I'll find something I did overwhelmingly RIGHT."

    Making time to write every day would definitely be a good thing, even if it's just fifteen minutes here and there, wherever you can squeeze it in. But, with the whole 'pregnant' thing, I'd understand why you might find it difficult. XD

    Good luck!

  2. Oh, we all do it. You're certainly not alone in procrastination. I think it's in our blood. The only thing you can do - as impossible as it sounds - is to actually sit down and write.

  3. Rawr. :) Does this count as me writing? Also, my word verification is flumbled. I like it. I think I'm going to use it as a word from now on.

  4. No one was really doubting your talent except for you I guess Tanya ;)


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