Thursday, 9 June 2011

The dreaded Writer's Block.

Ah, yes. WB.

I've always believed that when you have WB, it's mostly because there's something wrong with your work in progress. Maybe it's not progressing in the right direction. Maybe you're not listening to your characters, and forcing them in unnatural situations.

My own WIP has been giving me troubles. I'm in the editing process of it, having completed it quite a few months back. So, this chapter I'm on, I've written and rewritten. Sent it to a friend who gave me good advice, tried rewriting it. Not working. At all.

That same friend decided I needed to step back and try something else. Usually, that isn't a problem, I always have several different stories started. This time? Not so much. My creative juices aren't flowing. I blame many things, such as fatigue and pregnancy and moving, but either way, I'm going nowhere fast.

She told me to open a Word document, and to write a sentence that she gave me. Told me I had to start a new story with that sentence. And she wanted a regular update on my progress. She doesn't know this, because we were skyping, but I gave her a military salute.

Today, I opened up my WIP, realised I had a million other things to do, got them done and sat back down. Growled at my WIP, then opened up the page with my sentence. Put fingers to keyboard and without thinking, I'd written half a page! Oh, the possibilities of what I've started!

Took a much needed finger break (What, I'm out of practice!) to make more coffee, write a blog, and now I'm going back.

Thanks Kills: I owe you one!



  1. O.o Well, I think I've just discovered that thou art french. Or something. XD

    Anyway, this is silentpages, from YWS. ^^ That's an interesting idea, with the sentences. Maybe I'll have to try it sometime... When I get around to trying to work on my novel in the first place. XD

  2. This post is so touching! *Wipes tear*


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