Thursday, 26 May 2011

I love characters

Who doesn't?

But I don't mean that I love the actors who play the characters, no. I'm in love with characters.

Take the show Law & Order SVU. I am head over heels in love with Elliot Stabler. Of course, Christopher Meloni does a fine job at being Stabler, but what I admire is the man. The man who has four children and a wife he loves. The man who goes against criminals and cannot be made to heel when attacking someone viciously. His morals and values, his sense of justice, his flaws. They all make him human.

I love him for it.

Other characters? Jack Driscoll in King Kong, played by the very talented Adrien Brody. A quiet and determined writer who was suddenly shoved out of his comfort zone, made a hero without wanting to be, to save the woman he loves. Aw, man, real life never compares ;)

So, which characters do you love? I actually have a list of them on my ipod because these are the characters I want to to emulate.



  1. I love Dr. House!! He's just so cool and twisted!! great character, the actor's pretty good too, but the character is much better!

  2. Bingo! House is so brilliant and flawed and twisted!

    He must be so fun to write about lol

  3. Castiel from Supernatural. Misha Collins is probably one of the coolest people alive, but I can love Castiel like I can't love him.

    Also, JD and the Janitor from Scrubs, the Doctor (especially 4th and 10th), Sherlock Holmes, Merlin (books and series), George from Being Human, Marty McFly, Mulan and Mushu, Jack Sparrow, the Fool from Robin Hobb's books, Spongebob, Hammy from Over the Hedge, Spiderman (comic, not film), Dracula... I could go on but then this would turn into a Wiki entry. ^_^

  4. haha, yes Twit! Good ones!

    *sighs dreamily* Jack Sparrow....


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